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The construction of this case is the box and the box connection staggered, the whole is the space form of the cube, a total of four layers, in the staggered relationship can also closely linked each space form, this spatial relationship into the design, rather than purely the idea into the form, let people break the nostalgia for the unfamiliar city, immersed in a modern atmosphere. 


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We must be ourselves, without prejudice to others, neither subservient to them nor deliberately antagonistic to them. The so-called designer is to express what he feels truly. Everyone can express his era in his own way of life.


#Rhapsody in City


Modern architecture tends to build simple spaces,
In this framework, we want the words of literature,
Black and white, and music's free feeling.
Some people say: "Light is the fourth dimensional space of the building."




Indoor space, can not be separated from the architectural elements. In the construction of order, we form a large whole with the building, in addition to the form of art and sculpture, but also a large number of use of space folding, and pay attention to the space gives people a wonderful sense. And before the table and stairs as the main modeling unified link, shuttle in the space form.

室内空间,离不开建筑元素。我们在秩序的营造中,为与建筑形成一个大的整体,除了形式的艺术和雕塑感,还大量运用空间折叠 ,并注重空间给人的奇妙感。且以前台及楼梯为主造型统一联系,穿梭在空间形体之中。



Design research is mainly carried out on a clay base. There, the walls can be moved at will. "Different geometric shapes and misplaced spaces, light in different ways through the architectural epidermis, into the interior space, in the building changes, but also with their own unique language to shape the spatial character. In both horizontal and vertical directions are symbolic separation, while maintaining maximum blending and continuity, to achieve permeability, traffic without barrier or minimal barrier.  



Always ask yourself in your heart what the design is after.What's the design pursuit of ?
"Bigger than bigger",We would prefer to create an environment that carries the interpretation of time and space, a form of place that carries human activities.
The proportion of each line has been refined and adjusted again and again, only in this independent spatial form can show a specific spiritual temperament.